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The definition of pain is:- highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.

Pain signals use the spinal cord and specialised nerve fibres to travel to our brain. The spinal cord and nerve fibres are all housed and protected by the spine itself. If the spine is out of alignment it can actually pinch or stretch these nerves causing pain or even impairing signals from the brain to the body’s organs, causing health problems.

We can liken this to a garden hose with water passing down it. Imagine standing on the hose, what would happen? The water flow becomes less, just like the signals from the pinched nerves, the messages cannot pass as easily.

After a course of treatment you will hopefully notice the pain subside and it may even go completely, this doesn’t mean the ‘injury’ has completely gone and without corrective care it probably wont.

Therefore it is a good idea to continue with chiropractic care once the pain has gone to prevent it re-occurring.

(This treatment is called maintenance and is down to your discretion as to how often you receive it.)

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Update November 2023

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