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Has a neuromuscular disorder kept you away from doing the activities you enjoy the most? Our experienced chiropractors in Crawley can help ease your pain and get you back on track. Check out our customer feedback to see what we can do for you.

"I thought that old age had arrived early"

As I walked through the door for my first consultation I had now idea at all what chiropractic care would mean to me. I was in constant pain in my neck and down my right arm, also my general health and wellbeing had been at a low for sometime. Infact I thought that old age had arrived early.

I left the clinic with an understanding of why I was in pain and feeling so low and what could be done about it. During the first weeks of treatment I was beginning to feel an improvement in my general well being. It was explained the importance of keeping my regular appointments as these are the building blocks to good health.

The next step is rehabilitation this stage is a gradual working of time increased little by little and oh boy does it work what a difference. What with you may say? Energy, the sense of well being, I was able to return to the gym and really enjoy myself. I had been hiding away from my local community and know I’m so busy with volunteering that life is so much more enjoyable and has changed for the better. I have even cancelled an operation as I no longer need it. All these positive feelings and sensible eating. I have even returned to my natural weight without trying.

"Miracles do happen!"

For many years now I have suffered from lower back pain, sufficient to impair my mobility.

l was so bad I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without pain.

Housework was an impossibility and even cooking was impossible as I couldn’t stand for very long.

I visited the doctor, who diagnosed arthritis in my lower spine, and was referred for physiotherapy and acupuncture, all to no avail. Osteopaths were also unable to help me despite my spending a great deal of money.

I spent most of my days sitting down as it was the only way to get relief from the pain.

As a result of this my weight soared and it seemed to be a vicious circle as I couldn’t exercise.

The nurse at my local surgery recommended Duncan at the Advanced Chiropractic Clinic and despite my scepticism I decided to give it a go as nothing else had worked.

On my first visit in February Duncan spoke to me at length to ascertain what my problems were and took X-rays and measurements.

He felt he could help me and recommended that l attend the clinic twice a week. This I duly did, and to be honest, for the first three months I did not notice much difference.

I did consider stopping, but Duncan kept encouraging me, and so I persisted.

True to his word, after this initial three months I found that the pain in my back and legs had lessened, and much encouraged I started walking, albeit only for 10 minutes a day.

Since that time I am extremely happy to report that the pain has all but gone, and I am now walking for 40 minutes each morning.

With no change in my diet the weight has started to come off, and to date l have lost 30 lbs, which in turn has helped my back even more.

I now visit the clinic every other week for a ‘top up’which is invaluable.

I cannot recommend the Advanced Chiropractic Clinic strongly enough. Duncan and his staff are always so friendly and welcoming, and he has been the only one who has been able to help me.

Miracles do happen!

"I’m walking normally again"

I had a really bad pains in my leg when I first came to Duncan about a month ago and I was limping all the time. Today I’m walking normally again, had hardly any pain in my leg.

Thanks Duncan for handling my problem.

"He really cares!"

Wow! I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past year, all of whom have helped me with the tremendous backache that was preventing me from doing the things I needed to do in life.

Duncan took the time to explain to me about the problem and then had me walk in a brace that shifted my posture and from that first time I could feel how I was standing and sitting incorrectly and I was able to go through three full days without discomfort.

I was also able to sit for eleven hours in class this weekend. I was sitting correctly and actually felt better when I was done than when I first sat down, which for me was a miracle!

It really proved to me that Duncan had found EXACTLY what was wrong with my spine and how to fix it and I’m eternally grateful to him for his caring time and help

I would thoroughly recommend his expertise as a chiropractor.

He really cares!

"certainly helped her quality on life"

My six year old daughter has mild cerebral palsy. Although she regularly see’s a physio she was still experiencing pain and walking with one foot turned in.

I brought her to the clinic after several months of successful treatment on my own back. (mainly caused by carrying and lifting my daughter)

By manipulating her back and legs she has been able to walk more easily and her pain symptoms are often lessened for a period of time. I bring my daughter to the clinic every 3 weeks for a short treatment which she finds fun and co-operates with (on the most part).

I was worried originally that it would be difficult because she is a child and her behaviour in new places often limits what we can do.

She was made to feel at home with toys and stickers and her treatments have hence been very successful. I have also been shown how to do simple exercises at home, had it explained medically and been given advice on vitamins and diet.

Her condition means there is no quick fix but it has certainly left her feeling more comfortable and less dependent on conventional medicines to aid her pain.

Chiropractic treatment has certainly helped her quality on life on a day to day basis.

Update November 2023

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Due to Duncan having major surgery the clinic will be closed until further notice.